Microsoft sells Linux Support to Renault

No, thats not a joke! See the news on the Microsoft page!

I knew that Novell had some deals with Microsoft, and that the FSF didn’t like that at all. One more reason for the GPL3 as it should prevent this.

But I didn’t know that Microsoft is selling Linux Support. Well, it is a bit strange as Microsoft sold it to Renault but Novell will deliver the (SuSE) Distribution and the support, no work for Microsoft itself.

I do understand that Renault didn’t want to switch from their existing Linux to Windows, and that buying from Microsoft is always a good thing for not getting fired, even if everything goes wrong.

But whats in this for Microsoft? Sure, they will get some money, but I doubt that they need that money. They had a record second quarter. Maybe Microsoft is already desperate enough to do this to keep companies like Renault at least as Desktop Windows clients.

Microsoft sells Linux Support to Renault