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SEO Site of the Day

26.03.2009 1 comment

This is a real winner, SEO at its best!

Its the Goat SEO! Well, alright, its an Italian SEO, but they are using an english name (Go @ SEO).

On the other hand, it could be a stroke of genious, as they get more links this way… well, there’s mine at least. ;-)

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YouTube is seriously broken for 64bit Linux, as is its service

11.03.2009 1 comment

[UPDATE] Seems YouTube found that uploader Javascript issue and fixed it the very next day! Thanks.


So I got this video that I’d like to upload to Youtube… Its not the first time, I already uploaded a few videos, and lets face it, all thats needed is a html form and a submit button, no?

Well, seems its not that easy.

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Why you should use Google Chrome

03.09.2008 8 comments

Sorry, can’t think of anything.

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New spammer on the block – Technosnack

31.07.2008 2 comments

Not sure if I should be glad that the spammers think my blog’s good enough to spam, or rather be concerned how good this spam is this time. There’s lots of spam in blogs, most of the time you can’t even read it as it doesn’t make much sense. This one is quite good, and it doesn’t even sound too spammy.

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Google’s blind love for Wikipedia

11.07.2008 Leave a comment

I found a great article about Google’s algorithmic failure when it comes to Wikipedia. According to Google most users like Wikipedia entries in the SERPs, so far so good. But Graywolf has some high-ranking (often #1) wikipedia results with nearly no content. He tested with Tour de France cities (Google really likes the Tour de France!), Lannemezan one is my favorite (if there is more content now than please check some older revisions of that article).

Now Google, tell us again that content is everything. ;-)

Glen, I know, there was no need for me to post today, but therefor I don’t have to post on the weekend, I leave that up to you!

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Google and Privacy

08.07.2008 Leave a comment

Google added – after 8 years – a Privacy link to their homepage. Due to Googles layout – Nazis the “Google” – link had to get removed, apparently there is a word limit for their homepage.

I think its cynical to replace the word “Google” with the word “Privacy”. Google still insists that IP addresses aren’t personal data. Nice try. Sure, an IP address without a date and time is possibly useless (but hey, most companies have static IP addresses, Google forgot about those), but Google surely saves the date and time as well.

Probably this court decision made Google think a bit? Lets see what will happen next…

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Google doesn’t love blogs anymore [Update]

07.07.2008 Leave a comment

So this post is somehow a test, I’ve read it quite often now that Google stopped showing blogs in the SERPs, even though the posts can be found in the blog search.

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