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Social Marketers surprised – lying and fooling people might be illegal!

Sorry, just couldn’t resist on this one, I read this revealing post (well, I read the headline and the first few sentences) on SEOmoz.

So what exactly is Social (Search or Media) Marketing?

Remember the fake reviews on Amazon by Belkin? I’d call that Social Marketing. Who, but the Marketer himself would think that thats ok? Don’t tell me they didn’t know that it was wrong what they did, they were hoping it could all go without notice. Well, too bad. Or, pretty good for all of us!

Imagine someone asks on a Blog which Laptop he should buy. Now, imagine Michael Dell writes a comment, under a fake name, and highly recommends Dell Laptops. You think that’s a good thing to do? I don’t. This is pretty obvious, isn’t it? But even if an employee of Dell writes that comment under his real name, but without mentioning that he works for Dell, and probably gets even paid for doing this, its not better.

Not that I believe in the morality of Marketers, but I thought they’re slightly more realistic. Just admit it, whatever you’re doing, its ethically wrong, always!

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  1. 07.05.2009 at 10:23 am

    Just like a fictitious digg user submitting links to their own clients websites… Yuck.. No thanks.. I’ll take the honest people’s opinions..

    To Quote Dave “Filthy marketers ruined the internet”

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