YouTube is seriously broken for 64bit Linux, as is its service

[UPDATE] Seems YouTube found that uploader Javascript issue and fixed it the very next day! Thanks.


So I got this video that I’d like to upload to Youtube… Its not the first time, I already uploaded a few videos, and lets face it, all thats needed is a html form and a submit button, no?

Well, seems its not that easy.

1. Firefox on Kubuntu 8.10 (latest) 64bit, with the latest Firefox (3.0.7). I log in, click on Upload, and all I see is the “Loading…” thingy. After checking the log, there’s a fatal Javscript error. Well done, Google!

2. Alright, then I just use the Bulk Upload Plugin! So I click on that link, click on “Add Videos to list”, and get the message that I need to install Google Gears. Hmm, I’m no fan of those, as they surely send more data to Google than I ever want them to receive, but well, I can uninstall it afterwards, hu? So I click on install, go through the whole process, download the file, try to install it… and it fails! Why? Right, there’s no 64bit support! 2009, and no 64bit support, well done again, Google!

3. Enough with Firefox, lets try Konqueror! I log in, click on Upload, and wow, that Javascript loads! So whats the issue there then, Firefox 64bit? Well, I browse for the file, click on Upload… and it fails, with an unknown error! Unknown! I click retry… Unkown error again! Now thats just extraordinarily well done, Google!

4. I’m close to giving up, as a Google Search didn’t find me any answers either. But I just try the Search in the Youtube Help… With no answers, then a search for “64bit linux” in the Youtube forums, and look at that, someone else got the exactly same problem! Awesome! I click on “Reply”, and it tells me that I need to join this group. Well, ok then, I click on that link to join the group. Then it tells me that I need to login to Google. After logging into Google (I stopped asking why), it loops around that, so I can’t reply. Ok then, I won’t.

5. I gave up. I click through the YouTube Account settings, and find the “Blog Setup” setting. Sounds interesting, so I click on that, click on “Add a Blog”, choose, enter my username and password (took me a minute to decide to really do this…), and click on “Add Blog”. You guessed already what happened, didn’t you? “An error has occurred. Message: Unknown Reason:”. Aha, thats verbose enough to make me angry enough to write this blog post.. Ah well, it was about time to write another blog post, but a more constructive one would’ve been nice…

Thats enough for today, Google, YouTube, this just sucks!

YouTube is seriously broken for 64bit Linux, as is its service

One thought on “YouTube is seriously broken for 64bit Linux, as is its service

  1. freestylegary says:

    I got the same error when trying to set up my wordpress with youtube. Does ANYBODY know what’s wrong?

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