New spammer on the block – Technosnack

Not sure if I should be glad that the spammers think my blog’s good enough to spam, or rather be concerned how good this spam is this time. There’s lots of spam in blogs, most of the time you can’t even read it as it doesn’t make much sense. This one is quite good, and it doesn’t even sound too spammy.

They call themselves Technosnack, and have the matching domain. Ah, and Susan writes the same comment on many many blogs, only technical though. So they want to create a “virtual dashboard”, or, in other words, they wanna use all your good keywords and links to rank nicely and earn some money with ads.

Nothing’s nofollowed, so you’ll get some link juice back, but in the end its just another directory page, as thousands of others, that want your links and your keywords!

On another note, my simple php memcached message queue made it into this memcached FAQ! Nice! And yes, there are still plans to release the message queue under a GPLish license one day…

New spammer on the block – Technosnack

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