Google doesn’t love blogs anymore [Update]

So this post is somehow a test, I’ve read it quite often now that Google stopped showing blogs in the SERPs, even though the posts can be found in the blog search.

But as Google can’t know any homebrew blogging software it probably won’t affect people that don’t use wordpress and friends.

I for my part don’t think this will stay like that, even though it would be good. Blogs are heavily overrated, everyone writes stuff without anyone verifying it. And Google lists (listed) many of these posts in the first SERP places.

Its time for more moderated blogs, where posts and statements get verifyied before they get published.

But honestly, I think Google just screwed up, again. In a few days time all those blog posts with often wrong and misleading content will be back in the SERPs again…


Seems Google either had a problem with getting the crawled pages into the index, or they did a major change… But now blogs get crawled and go into the index right away, as before. Apparently there were some ranking changes…

Google doesn’t love blogs anymore [Update]

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