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Google’s problem with the anchor text

21.04.2008 2 comments

According to this german SEO site (its very trustworthy) Google has some serious issues with the anchor text handling.

As you may know, the anchor text is quite important for links. Probably even more important then the title of the actual page.

But if a page links more than once to one other page and uses different anchor texts, then only the first one counts! See the tests on the site above (screenshots).

I think this is really important when it comes to site navigation, as that normally comes before the content, and therefor before probably better anchor texts!

Now you really wonder why Google is handling it like this, but as I mentioned before, they seem to have some problems with their reality check. ;-)

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Googlebot becomes Spambot

16.04.2008 1 comment

Google seems to go one step too far. So they fill out forms with random words on websites and submits them! Now thats a smart idea, isn’t it!

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Making the bash (history) a better place

12.04.2008 5 comments

One thing that I always miss in the default installation of current distributions is the proper handling of the bash history.

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memcached as simple message queue

09.04.2008 21 comments

Some months ago at work we were in the need of a message queue, a very simple one, basically just a message buffer. The idea is simple, the webservers send there messages to the queue, the queue always accepts all messages and waits until the ETL processes request messages for further processing. As the webservers are time critical and the ETL processes aren’t you need something in between.

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How hosting foreign files risks your users security

08.04.2008 1 comment

I found this interesting post about a security hole in Google Code. Its quite complex, though the post is written very well, so you’ll be able to get the point easily.

Basic idea is that thanks to some tricks you can get a Java file thats uploaded to Google Code to start from everywhere and have access to the whole google domain. So if you’re a Google user and you are logged in this java applet is logged in as well.

Google was able to disable this unwanted functionality, but I’m pretty sure that if you search for other websites with those problems you’ll find em out there.


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