Gooogle missed this one

Google (yes, two o’s) seems to be quite interested in misspelled Google-domains.

If you use or or, they all go back to Big Brother himself.

The same seems to be valid for Germany, There is and, but then there is this nice Its not owned by Google, but for whatever strange reason there is no content either. By just putting a link to Google and some ads on that one you should be able to make some money without any effort. And for some reason Google doesn’t bother, otherwise they could’ve sued them and would own that domain by now.

Yeah, it is easy to get a domain by law if your big, heres an interesting article about Names not being worth anything anymore.

Gooogle missed this one

One Scripting Language to rule them all

Obviously thats Perl. Or, more precisely, that will be Perl 6.

Yeah right, you might think. That Scripting Language that has a release date like Duke Nukem Forever. Its done when its done.

But seriously, here is an article that will enlighten you, written by Larry Wall himself

Now this article is really cool and absolutely unbiased. 😉

But honestly, Larry writes about more programming languages than you can name. Different aspects of all programming languages are also covered, its long, but its a must read!

One Scripting Language to rule them all

Microsoft sells Linux Support to Renault

No, thats not a joke! See the news on the Microsoft page!

I knew that Novell had some deals with Microsoft, and that the FSF didn’t like that at all. One more reason for the GPL3 as it should prevent this.

But I didn’t know that Microsoft is selling Linux Support. Well, it is a bit strange as Microsoft sold it to Renault but Novell will deliver the (SuSE) Distribution and the support, no work for Microsoft itself.

I do understand that Renault didn’t want to switch from their existing Linux to Windows, and that buying from Microsoft is always a good thing for not getting fired, even if everything goes wrong.

But whats in this for Microsoft? Sure, they will get some money, but I doubt that they need that money. They had a record second quarter. Maybe Microsoft is already desperate enough to do this to keep companies like Renault at least as Desktop Windows clients.

Microsoft sells Linux Support to Renault