Why WordPress? Why wordpress.com?

So why the heck did I choose WordPress, this buggy, always security-holed piece of code?

Well, one point is that I use(d) wordpress at work, the non-public blogs we have are WordPress blogs. Even the site itself is using wordpress, I think thats a bit too much, I wouldn’t do that but who cares… 😉

Second, I am in the lucky position that I do some development on our SEO title tag plugin. Thanks to an ex-workmate I am now the only person who ever worked on this plugin… Well, therefor I’m mentioned there…

And then there is the main point, wordpress is indeed easy to use as long as you are not responsible for the security and maintenance. Thats the reason why I use wordpress.com, these guys have to do that. So I’m outsourcing without paying for it, sounds like a good idea… 😉

There come some not so nice things with using wordpress.com, you can’t use plugins and you cannot modify the layout (there are quite a lot of themes to choose from). Well, you can pay for being able to change the CSS file, but that would somehow ruin the whole point.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big fan of wordpress (as I’m not of PHP) but I can work with it…

Why WordPress? Why wordpress.com?

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